January 2022



MINUTES of the Full Council Meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 10.00AM at the Main Hall of the Festival Hall, Caistor Road, Market Rasen.




Councillor S. Bunney (Chairman/LCC/WLDC), Councillor M. Lakin - Whitworth (Vice-Chairman) *, Councillor K. Bridger, Councillor P. Harrold, Councillor J. Pilley, Councillor J. Smith, Councillor N. Taylor 


In Attendance:

Lucy Waller – Town Clerk & R.F.O 

Two members of the public. 


The meeting opened at 10:00


             1.  Opening remarks.

The Chairman welcomed all present to the meeting and welcomed Councillor J. Smith to the Town Council. 


             2.  To resolve to approve and accept apologies for absence.

It was RESOLVED to approve apologies from Councillors A. Dale, F. Easters, M. Hassan, and C. Turner.  It was noted that Councillor Lakin -Whitworth would join the meeting when possible.

Apologies were noted from Councillor J McNeill of West Lindsey District Council. 


             3.  Public Participation (max 10 minutes) 

Highway’s safety concerns were raised relating to the Junction of Lammas Leas opposite Tesco and the crossroads at Serpentine Street.  It was asked that these be included on the next agenda to allow for the Town Council to consider a resolution to write to Lincolnshire County Council to raise these issues. 



            4.  To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the localism Act 2011 and to consider any applications for dispensations in relation to Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.  Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them again at any time during the course of the meeting.



              5.  To RESOLVE to approve the draft minutes of the last meeting, held on December 8th, 2021. 

 It was RESOLVED to approve the draft minutes of the last meeting, held on, December 8th, 2021, as a correct record.                                                                                                 

(Councillor J. Smith abstained from the vote)


             6.  To note any update on Action Points.

Members noted the report it was highlighted that there had been some difficulties with signatories registering for online banking.  It was also noted that it was for the appointed Councillor members of the Environment Working Group to arrange the initial meeting and progress the setup of the group. 



             7.  To receive the report of the District & County Councillor. 

It was noted that:

Lincolnshire County Council were petitioning the government for the restoration of £12 million of funding for pothole and highway repair, members were asked to engage with the Lincolnshire County Council call for evidence and to petition the local MP on the matter.

West lindsey district council were asking for feedback on the Council Tax surcharge of 3% for adult social care.  The Clerk was asked to submit the council’s comments. 



             8.  To NOTE the Officer’s reports including the finance report. 

Members noted the officer’s reports, thanks were expressed to the Clerk for the work relating to the Public Works Loan Board application.  It was confirmed that the dates of the Lloyds Bank Mobile Bank visits were to be displayed on posters around the town.



           9.  Accounts for payment: 

           To RESOLVE to approve the accounts for payment. Members RESOLVED to approve the below accounts for payment and where appropriate payment by electronic transfer: Page 1   page 2


*(10:31 Councillor Lakin -Whitworth joined the meeting) 


      10. To RESOLVE the budget for the financial year 2022 – 2023. 

It was RESOLVED to adopt the 2022 – 2023 budget as shown in appendix A of these minutes.  Thanks were noted for the Clerk’s work on the budget. 


      11.   To RESOLVE the precept request for 2022 - 2023. 

It was RESOLVED to set the precept request for 2022-2023 at £138,388 to create a balanced budget. 

Members noted that based on the currently available information this represented a 5.51% increase in cost for the Town Council portion of Council Tax, which equated to an additional £5.77p.a for a band D property (although this could change if there were any changes to the tax base). 

It was stressed that the increase was primarily to cover increases to current costs (the steep increase in utilities costs was specifically highlighted), and nationally agreed increases in wages and national insurance.  It was additionally noted that no increase had been made in relation to the Market Place purchase and that upcoming improvements to the Market Place were to be funded from residual MR BIG funds for that purpose and not Town Council funds raised through the precept. 

             Action point – Clerk to submit precept request.


            12.  To RESOLVE expenditure of up to £12,000 for the purchase of street furniture to implement the new Market Place layout.  (Taken from the Town Partnership donation for that purpose).   (Expenditure under Food Act 1984, s50 and LGA 1972, s.111)

Members noted a breakdown of proposed expenditure for some of the equipment required and RESOLVED to authorise expenditure of up to £12,000 for the purchase of street furniture to implement the new Market Place layout.  Taken from the Town Partnership donation of £15,000 for that purpose.


             13.  To RESOLVE to apply for a Julbilee event grant of £700 from WLDC to contribute to planned public events. 

It was RESOLVED to apply for a Jubilee event grant of £700 from West Lindsey District Council, to contribute to planned public events.

Members also noted the below planned events:


Community Walk – Chalk Streams, Sat 5th Feb

Shrove Tuesday/ St David’s Day – Leek pancake races, Tues 1st March

Town Clear up including river care, Sun 3rd April 

Launch of Heritage & Wolds Women Trail, Sat 16th April 


Jubilee Weekend 

Bloomin’ Market Rasen festival throughout the weekend 

Beacon Lighting Market square 9.30pm Thurs 2nd June 

West Lindsey Day – Parade and Family Event, Fri 3rd June 

Lions Gardeners’ market and craft fair. Sat 4th June 

Tesco Music in the park. Sat 4th June

Community Walk (a.m.) Sun 5th June 

Big Lunch/ Picnic in the Market place. Sun 5th June


Christmas Market Sat Dec 10th


Action point – Clerk to submit grant request 


             14.   To RESOLVE an emergency scheme of delegation to the Clerk to be enacted only if Government restrictions in relation to Covid -19 prevent Council meetings. 

Following the proposal of an amendment and the correct voting procedureit was RESOLVED to adopt an emergency scheme of delegation to the Clerk to be enacted only if Government restrictions in relation to Covid -19 prevent Council meetings or if local circumstances related to Covid- 19 made it impossible to hold a meeting. A copy of the scheme appears as Appendix A of these minutes. 


             15.   Any items for the next agenda. 

Dangerous junctions as highlighted in item 3 of these minutes. 

A report from the Environment working Group (Subject to submission in compliance with the Terms of Reference)

The outstanding repair/ cleaning of street name signs by West Lindsey District Council was also raised, however as the council had previously resolved to pursue this matter it was unnecessary for it to be included on the next agenda. It was agreed that the Clerk make further enquiries and report back. 


Action point – Clerk to make enquiries into progress of street sign cleaning / repairs. 


             16.  Risk Management. 

The need to use the larger main hall for meetings during the current Covid-19 situation, to provide adequate social distancing and ventilation has highlighted, it was agreed to use the Main Hall for the February and March meetings. 


             17.  To RESOLVE that under the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960, the public and representatives of the press and broadcast media be excluded from the meeting during the    consideration of the following items of business as publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

The above resolution was not passed as there was no requirement for a confidential session.  


The meeting closed at 11:15


Appendix A 2022/23 Budget

Appendix B Emergency delegation COVID-19