January 2019 Minutes



MINUTES of the Council meeting held on Wednesday 9th January 2019 at 7.00pm in the Committee Room at the Festival Hall, Caistor Road, Market Rasen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Councillor J. Matthews (Mayor),  Councillor J. Clark, Councillor. K. Bridger,  Councillor C. Turner,  Councillor M. Lakin-Whitworth
In attendance: Faye Lambkin-Smith –Town Clerk      
       1 Member of MRAG
       1 Member of Public
       Editor from the Market Rasen Mail 
       Rev Stephen Johnson – St Thomas Church
1.    Mayor’s opening remarks  
The Mayor wished everyone a very Happy New Year!    

2.    Apologies for absence and reasons given 
Apologies were approved from Councillor Smith, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Kenning and District/County Councillor Strange.

3.    Public Participation. 
A Councillor asked a question who is responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of the footpath from Willingham Road to Anglian Way. It was noted that there is a street light and a dog waste bin sited on the path. 
Action Point: Town Clerk to enquire with Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District Council. 

Market Rasen Action Group representative made the Council aware of the recent fire damage to a swing and litter bin on the Mill Road Playing Field. 
Action Point: Town Clerk to contact the Police.  

The Council discussed the recent vandalism in the Town. 
4.    Councillors Reports
The following was reported. 
•     Councillor Bunney notified the Council that a letter from De Aston is to be sent to The Council regarding parking outside the school on Willingham Road. The Council suggested that when the letter has been received its contents are discussed at a site meeting with the new LCC Highways Manager, Police and Councillors. 

•        A Councillor made the council aware that pot holes and street lights not working have been reported to Highways.  
5.    To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for dispensation in relation to Disclosible Pecuniary Interests. 
6.    Notes of meeting of Council Meeting held on the 5th December 2018
It was RESOLVED to accept Council Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 5th December 2018 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

7.    Update on Action Points 
The Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 5th December 2018 were re-viewed and the following were mentioned:
•     Councillor discussed the recent damage at the War Memorial. 
8.    Chairman’s announcements 
The Chairman announced that he has attended the following: 
•    A meeting with the LCC  Highways. 
•    A number of Carol Services
•    Welcomed Princess Anne to Market Rasen, to open the Railway Station. 
•    Veterans’ Christmas Dinner. 

The Chairman of the Council reported that the Council need to start thinking of nominations for the Princess Diana Community Award.  One nomination was put forward. 

9.    Town Clerk’s Report.
•    The Council asked the Town Clerk to raise with Bupa Dental Care about the uncovered wires in the waiting room. As tenants they have a responsible to tidy these wires up. 
•    A discussion was held on the recent problems with leaks in the roof at the Festival Hall. 

10.    Report of the County Councillor
No County Councillors present. 
The Town Clerk reported that County Councillor Strange has reported that he is aware of the Kilnwell Road issue and will bring the issues this to the attention of Councillor Richard Davis (Portfolio Holder – Highways). 

The Council reported that they would like to be involved in any site meetings ar-ranged on this issue.

Action Point: Town Clerk to inform County Councillor Strange. 

The Town Clerk was asked to remind County Councillor Strange about LCC Highways commitment to to resolve the drain issue outside Cooplands, the end of this financial year. 

11.    Report of the District Councillor
 No District Councillor Present.

12.    Accounts for Payment         
The Town Clerk distributed Accounts (PAPER B) at the meeting to all members (copy attached to signed minutes).

The following payment was discussed and clarified: 
•    Account Payment BP513, Mole Control. The Council felt that this contract needs reviewing. 
It was agreed to credit the Skate Park donation  in the accounts as being from a voluntary body.                 
It was RESOLVED to approve the accounts payment list presented for the sum of £9364.65.

13.    Correspondence 
    The Town Clerk distributed PAPER C and the following were discussed:
•    Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils – Training Dates 
It was agreed to reserve 3 places for Councillors on the Neighbourhood Planning Training, 24th April 2019. 
Action Point: Town Clerk to book LALC training. 
•    West Lindsey District Council – Election 2019 
•    Lincolnshire County Council – Temporary Road Closure – John Street. 
•    Bridge McFarland Solicitors – Lease of Offices 
The Chairman of Council reported on the terms of the lease. The lease is for 99 years, £1 rent and redecoration is required every 5 years. 
14.    Report from Committee Meetings.  
The Chair of the Finance and Facilities Committee reported that officers are meeting on the outcome of the auditor’s report. 

15.    Progress reports from Projects Groups (Project Leader will bring this for discussion if clarification is required by the Council)
a)     Festival Hall –. The Council discussed roof work in the venue.  
b)    Old Police Station –. Work is progressing and exhibitions are being arranged. 
c)    De Aston Field –. None 
d)    Skate Park –  None 

16.    Progress reports from meetings 
a)    Town Partnership meeting 
The Chair of the Town Partnership Group reported on meeting held,14th January 2019 and highlighted the following: 
•    To use Love Market as branding for the year.. 
•    To consider what we would like to see in the High Street and empty re-tail buildings. A survey will be held this will also involve the schools.
•    The group has agreed that the Market Place and empty Banks need to be improved to become the central focus for the town.
•    To identify unsightly and decayed areas of the town in need of im-provement.  
•    The group/council to celebrate the good areas of the town. 
•    High Street Funding Project. 

b)    Sponsorship for Love Market Rasen Race Days
Councillor Matthews, Chairman of the Council reported on arrangements for ‘Love Market Rasen Race Meeting’ to be held on 17th February 2019. The meeting is being co sponsored by MRTC and WLDC. 25 complimentary tick-ets are available for councillors, staff and partners. Tickets available by con-tacting the Town Clerks Office.  
Action Point: Town Clerk Office to get some promotion material together. 
The Chairman of Council reported that he will be absent for this meeting so would like everyone to provide the Deputy Mayor with as much support as possible on the day. 

The following Councillors agreed to provide support on the day:
Councillor Bridger
Councillor Turner
Councillor Clark
Councillor Lakin-Whitworth 

17.    MRAG Town Clear Up
A Councillor reported on town clear up on 23rd/24th February 2019. The Town Clerks office is arranging for equipment to be available from West Lindsey Dis-trict Council. 
Action Point: Town Clerk to contact West Lindsey District Council re: equipment. 

The Council discussed areas in the town for improvement. 

18.    Review of the Complaints Policy
   The Council discussed the two complaints policies put forward for consideration. 
It was RESOLVED to accept the model policy from Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils, with some slight modifications. 
Action Points: 1) Town Clerk office to finalise policy and upload onto the web-site. 2) To review policy at the Annual Council Meeting, 8th May 2019 (agenda item). 

19.    Tourism Information Centre
    The Council discussed the tourism information areas.     
It was RESOLVED to have a temporary tourism information area in the new       MRTC offices. 
It is hoped that the Tourism information area will be relocated in the centre of town in the future. 

20.    Precept figure for 2019/2020
It was RESOLVED to set the final Precept figure for 2019/2020 as £126,480.

The Chairman of the Council, Chair of the Finance and Facilities Committee, Chair of the Planning and Development Committee and the Town Clerk signed the precept form. 
Action Point: Town Clerks office to submit the final precept form to West Lindsey District Council. 

21.    The meeting was adjourned for any public participation for clarification for agenda points (5 minutes)
The Editor from the Market Rasen Mail asked some questions regarding the set-ting of the precept which were clarified by the Council. 

22.    Risk Management.  
A Councillor noted that the small Christmas trees are still in place. The Chair-man of the Council reported that they will be removed and  replaced by flags in the coming week. 

The monthly column was discussed and the Chairman of the Town Partnership Group agreed to put something together. 

23.    It was RESOLVED to move into closed session 

Confidential Items 

24.    Council Staffing 
The Town Clerk was asked to leave the meeting.

Town Clerk left the meeting at 8.31pm. 

It was RESOLVED for a Councillor to take the notes in the absence of the Town Clerk.

Councillors discussed a paper, prepared by the Clerk, on proposed Council staffing structures.

25.    Any urgent agenda items to report - none

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.01hrs