January 2021 Minutes



MINUTES of the Council meeting held on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 6.00PM, in accordance with the Coronavirus Act 2020 held virtually via Zoom. 



Councillor J. Matthews (Chairman), Councillor S. Bunney (Vice-Chair), Councillor K. Bridger, Councillor N. Brooksbank, Councillor P. Harrold, Councillor M. Lakin - Whitworth, Councillor J. Pilley, Councillor N. Taylor, Councillor C. Turner. 


In Attendance:

Lucy Waller – Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer 

District Councillor - S. Bunney 

Dianne Tuckett– Market Rasen Mail


The Meeting opened at 18.02.


1. Opening remarks.

The Chairman welcomed all present and thanked them for attending. Members noted the resignation of June Clark and the Chairman expressed the Council’s thanks for her service. 

2. To resolve to approve and accept apologies for absence.


3. Public Participation (max 20 minutes)   



4. To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the localism Act 2011 and to consider any applications for dispensations in relation to Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.   

Councillor Bunney declared a pecuniary interest in payment TP 46. Councillor Taylor declared a personal interest in item 14 due to non-pecuniary personal links to one of the companies that supplied a quotation. 

5. To resolve to approve the draft minutes of the last meeting, held on 2 December 2020. 


It was RESOLVED to approve the draft minutes as the legal record of the meeting of 2 December 2020. 

(Councillor N Brooksbank abstained from the vote) 


6. To note any update on Action Points 

Members noted the action log.



7. To receive the Chairman’s report.

Members noted that no civic attendances had taken place due to the ongoing pandemic.  The Chairman highlighted the volunteer efforts regarding Christmas lights and Christmas food & gift distributions and his pride in the town’s effort.  The Chairman thanked all volunteers involved throughout the town and specifically thanked Councillor Bunney for his significant contribution. 


It was noted that the 2020 Princess Diana Award, that had not previously been awarded due to Covid-19, would be awarded to the community of Market Rasen as a whole, for the community efforts throughout the covid-19 pandemic. 



8. To receive the report of the District Councillor 

Members noted various points including the following:  

• Community speed watch was temporarily suspended.

• A local licencing application matter in relation to a takeaway business in a residential area would be decided by the West Lindsey District Council (WLDC) Licencing committee the following week and any comments regarding this should be made to WLDC directly.

• Discussions regarding the Cemetery fence were required with WLDC.

(Action Point Clerk to contact WLDC)

• A cross party WLDC group were campaigning for speed reductions in WLDC communities.

This was followed by further discussion of highways matters.

9. To note the Clerk’s report and the Community Manager’s report. 

Members noted the Clerk’s reports including the finance report as at 31st December 2020.  A confidential contractual matter raised on the Clerk’s report was moved to the confidential session.  Members noted the Community Manager’s report and requested that trees requiring monitoring in Bell Park be marked and a map of them be kept on file.

(Action point -Trees to be marked and a map created)


10. To resolve to approve the accounts for payment. 

Members noted the below pre-authorised payments and approved the payments for authorisation as listed below


Payments Jan 2021



Payments Jan 2021





11. To consider a request for grant funding received from the Citizens Advice Lindsey in the financial year 2021-2022 and resolve any action. 

It was RESOLVED to award a grant of £100 in the financial year 2021-22.

12. To consider the proposed lease of 2 parking spaces received from West Lindsey District Council and resolve any action.      

It was RESOLVED not to pursue the lease.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

13. To consider LALC’S proposal to donate to the RAF Benevolent Fund/ Guide Dogs for the Blind as a gesture of thanks for voluntary website support.

It was RESOLVED to provide a total donation of £100 to be split equally between the charities. 

14. To note the Community Manager’s report on the Hall Lining and resolve any action. 

Members noted the report and RESOLVED to treat the existing lining with fire retardant using funds available from any end of year surplus. 

15. To resolve the Council’s budget for the financial year 2021-2022. 

Members noted the RFO report and RESOLVED the 2021-2022 budget as shown in Appendix A of these minutes.

16. To resolve the Council’s precept request for the financial year 2021-2022. 

It was RESOLVED to submit a precept request of £129,496 to WLDC.

17. To note the receipt of £480.94 CIL funds and resolve any further action. 

Members noted the report no further action was taken. 

18. To appoint a member to the HR Committee following the recent resignation of a member. 

It was RESOLVED to appoint Cllr Turner to the HR Committee. 

19. To consider a resolution to support the Living Streets pavement parking campaign by writing to the MP to request that he sign Early Day Motion 1168

It was RESOLVED to support the Living Streets pavement parking campaign by writing to the MP to request that he sign Early Day Motion 1168.  Members were also encouraged to write in a personal capacity. 

20. Greenspaces /Allotments

Members noted an update from Councillor Bunney and RESOLVED to apply for a £500 grant to map out potential areas for wilding within the Parish.  It was additionally RESOLVED to enquire if Middle Rasen Parish Council wished to consider a joint mapping project. 

(Action point – Cllr Bunney to discuss with middle Rasen Parish Council and feedback response, following which a grant application to be submitted.)

21. To receive a Strategy update from Councillor Bunney

Members noted the strategy had been updated to reflect concerns around pavement parking. 


22. Risk management.

It was highlighted that the lack of signage regarding water danger at bell park was a risk it was RESOLVED that the Clerk arrange for signage under delegated health and Safety powers.

(Action point –Officers to arrange for installation of signage)


23. Items for the next agenda.

It was requested that the continued necessity for a 5-minute adjournment for public clarification towards the end of full Council Agenda’s be discussed. 

(Action Point-Clerk to add to the next Agenda)

24. To adjourn the meeting for any Public Participation for clarification of agenda points.


25. To resolve that under the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960, the public and representatives of the press and broadcast media be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following items of business as publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

The above RESOLUTION was passed.

(The public & Press left the meeting)

9. Clerks report continued - It was RESOLVED to deduct a prepaid deposit from an outstanding invoice.

26. Market Place 

Members noted a verbal update from the Chairman and RESOLVED to request an extension to an existing lease. 

           The meeting closed at 19.29.


Appendix A